Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sept 2nd AM - Breathtaking Humpback Encounter!

Sept 2nd AM – Breathtaking Humpback Encounter!

Victoria whale watching
Whale Watching in Victoria
This morning we had a breathtaking encounter with at least 4 (possibly more) Humpbacks! The encounter started near Constance Bank with a Mother & Calf playing a hundred meteres from our boat. The Calf actually snorted at us at one stage, something none of the crew could remember hearing before, it was hilarious :) We also got to see the mother & calf tail fluke a number of times as they went down on deep dives. As we were watching the Mother & Calf, we saw at least 2 more, possible 3, Humpbacks in the distance. As the Mother & Calf disappeared on a long dive we decided to head over to the nearest Humpback, just a few miles south of our position. Just as we were arriving on scene the Humpback Whale made a number of huge Cartwheels in the air and then proceded to do inverted tail slaps for the next 20 minutes, it was breathtaking!!!!
As were not far from Race Rocks we headed over there with our guests this morning and they were thrilled to see so many Sea Lions & Seals hanging out there. Plus we also got to see the Sea Otter in the kelp beds, which is always a very special bonus :)
Multiple Humpbacks, Seals, Sea Lions, Porpoise and the Sea Otter, it really does not get much better than that!
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