Thursday, October 08, 2015

Orcas, a Humpback, Minke's & a Fin Whale!

Sept 10th – Orcas, a Humpback, Minke’s & a Fin Whale!

Today we had a total of 6 species of Cetacean encountered with Resident Orcas, a Humpback, Minke’s & a Fin Whale plus Dall’s & Harbor Porpoise :)
It is not very often we get to see Resident Orcas, a Humpback, Minke’s & a Fin Whale during the same day but today was extra special! We started off in the morning with a very intimate encounter with members of Lpod near Salmon Bank. In particular we had members of the L12’s including L121 playing together. We got to see some spy hops, tail slaps, pectoral waves and a huge cartwheel right by a local boat fishing!
In the afternoon we headed out and first encountered the Humpback south east of Discovery Island. We watched as it tail fluked several times as it went on deep dives. Next we encountered a Minke Whale close to Middle Bank and watched it lunge feed at the surface. Our next stop was Iceberg Pt at on Lopez Island where we had a brief and rare glimpse of a Fin Whale, the second largest whale in the world! Finally we encountered Resident Orcas near Hein Bank and had a wonderful encounter with L121 again.
We also saw Dall’s & Harbor Porpoise today as well as Seas and Sea Lions.
It was a stunning day with so much Marine Life, great weather and wonderful people :)
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