Thursday, October 08, 2015

July 30th AM - Resident Killer Whales this morning

July 30th AM – Resident Killer Whales this morning off San Juan Island!

Orcas off San Juan
Resident Killer Whales
This morning we encountered Resident Killer Whales off shore of the San Juan Islands. The Orcas were spread out in their Matralines off shore moving towards the west side of San Juan. We got to see a lot of Spyhops this morning as the Orcas traveled East. The Orcas were also seen doing pectoral waves and tail slaps. We also got to see a couple of the new babies including J50 :) On our way home we stopped at the Chain Islets to show our guests a the Harbor Seals & Pups!
When Killer Whales hunt for Salmon, they use a very sophisticated form of sonar called echo-location. This echo-location consists of the Orca sending sonic pulses ahead of them, which hit an object and then rebound back to the Orca.
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