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Sept 4th - Breathtaking Orca encounter!

Sept 4th – Breathtaking Orca encounter!

Victoria Whale Watching
Breathtaking Orca Encounter!
Today we had a breathtaking Orca encounter with Resident Orcas off Salmon Bank. We got to see members of all three pods (J, K & Lpod) who were spread out over a wide area heading north East towards San Juan Island. During our encounter we got to see tail slaps, several breaches, a few cart wheels and spy hops. The highlight of the day though was when one Orca did an incredible piroette, it was awesome :) The Orcas were in their Matrilines traveling from Salmon Bank north. We also saw the boat from Vancouver Aquarium who is out there doing drone photography to check the health of the pod and for any potential pregnant Orcas :)
In the afternoon the Orcas had spread out and were seen doing a lot of foraging for Salmon. We had a very special encounter with L85 “Mystery”, a Male Orca born in 1991.
On our way home from both tours we stopped at the Chain Islets to see the Harbor Seals that like to hang out on the Rocks and in the Kelp Beds.
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